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The Association of Tenants of Lisbon is a service cooperative with the aim of intervening in housing issues. At the services level, however, they had serious structural problems. One of the main problems was that they could not have effective control over members who had late payments, as well as a lack of control over payments made. In addition, employees were provided with heavy briefcases with their information from tenants, which hindered work processes and a greater loss of information.


Softingal after analyzing all the difficulties with which the Association debated implemented a solution adjusted to its needs – Collection Management in Smarthones Android. Therefore, it has developed two applications, one that works in terminals and another in Server that interfaces with the current Quota Management application.

In the application, the operator can consult the Associates and their data available as addresses and contacts.

Through an Internet connection the user can synchronize the data with the central server receiving updated data and sending information of the data of the charges made.


With this application to Associations can expedite the entire collection process.

Collectors, using portable equipment, Smartphones and Printers can now better organize their day-to-day tasks and offer a service of excellence to both the Association and Associates

This structural change allowed for a 20% improvement in the collection of quotas, a 10% decrease in late quotas, and subsequently a higher cash value.

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